Buddha Babies

Buddha babies are every where.

Be the leaf that drops.
Be the feeling that rises.
Be the heart that loves.

Mother’s work is WOW!

To observe it, one thing.
To experience it,
I’ll never know.


Set your clock to Spirit Time.
Be present through trough and crest.
Now just relax,
and let your breath do the rest.

This is what I know.

Change is closer than you think.
See/know what I mean?

You don’t?
Try holding onto a thought

A weapon is a device designed to harm others.
We Americans design and distribute more
weapons than anyone else on the planet.
I don’t hear any complaints from anyone.

Let me ask you,

What’s all the brouhaha about ‘a right to life’?

After the early morning hot yoga class, a woman
said there was a label stuck to my foot.

I pulled it off.

Thank God it read ‘organic’ and not ‘Walmart’.

the Mirage

‘I am hanging on barely’, he said.

A wisp of web, tugged at by a hint of wind.
Let go   be wisp   web   hint   air

‘Let go of what?’ he asked.

A Fair Discussion on Race!

We’re talking about what?
Race don’t bother me none.

Talk is cheap.
That’s what my dad used to say.

Can we just get past race?
I’m about talked out.

The pizza guy is here.

In God’s house

pews, rugs and religion
are non-essentials.

Stars & Stripes    forever!

Go ask those folks where the sun never set.
The only place you’ll find forever is in Webster’s.

No thing is forever.

White Flight

We bring Black folks here,
then run from them.


You ever be driving along,
when a critter skitters across,
and you glance in the rear view mirror?

Cock ring

smaller than bull ring
larger than wedding ring

she hopes, he smiles,
at the alter.

The original weapon of mass destruction,

is the one between our ears.

A gardener reaps joy from her choice of seeds.
She reaps what she sows.

Amend your choices to mend your garden.

Seek the land promised and the Promised
Land will find you first.   Besides . . .

40 acres and a mule won’t get you
what it used to.

Guys made in the USA

driving pickups made in Japan
flying American flags made in China.


Sun strokes the horizon.
A rooster crows.

Rise and shine.

How I harbor what was,
determines how I live what is.

My friend said,

When someone cuts me off in traffic,
I say out loud,
“If I knew you, I’d love you”.

Later in the day I thought ‘love is not conditional’.
I’d prefer to say,
“I know you and I love you”

Say them both and feel the difference.