3 Bits of Pieces

a Bit of History
Mr. Trump has widened a wound, never fully closed, still festering, since Europeans landed on these shores and brought weapons, religion, a vision of riches, measles, smallpox, cholera, savagery to kill ‘savages’, and wiped out 90% of the indigenous people.


When I find out
who took my man,
we gonna have a cat fight

you know,
scratching, biting, pawing,

When I find out
who stole my girl,
one of us is gonna die,
beggin’ forgiveness.

The other one . . . well
let’s take it one step,
in front of the other.


Mayonnaise & Children
have some thing in common.
They both evolve from eggs.

Some folks will say mayonnaise
Is not a they.

I say
‘If that makes you feel good, stick with it’.

[Change is inevitable]