1) the Prelube
Saturday night came and we’d cram into the living room.
Ma had the prime spot,
centered on the opened Castro Convertible.
Us 6 kids found places around the bed. It was TV night.
We had an RCA Victor Console TV. This was in the late 50’s.
Our favorite programs were Ed Sullivan, Gun Smoke, Zorro, Maverick,
I Love Lucy and others I have since forgotten.

My favorite part of the night was making the popcorn.
We kids all had chores. My favorite chore was cooking.
Ma had her Pepsi Cola. She drank tons of it.
On Saturday night, we kids had our popcorn.
Heat the butter in the 12 quart aluminum pot,
add the kernels, place the lid on and shake, shake, shake,
until the popping stopped. Melt and add more butter,
and some salt.
We loved our Saturday night popcorn.

This many decades later, I still enjoy popcorn.
Kaia, my canine companion, now gone, enjoyed it also.
My favorite is Orville Redenbacker’s Original.
These days, when it is popcorn time,
I pull out the 1.5 liter saucepan,
heat the butter, and add the kernels.
That buttery scent is oh so good.

2) the Moment
Last night was popcorn time.
I lowered the flame and returned to the computer
to continue a writing session.
The kernels were popping away.
The popping slowed.
I got up and returned to the kitchen.
The buttery popped corn covered every surface
imaginable, in the kitchen
and dining room.

I had forgotten to put the lid on the saucepan.