If I had the choice of owning . . .

If I had the choice of owning a gold mine or a creative mind, which would I choose?     Which would you choose? This is where question 1 comes into play? A friend just reminded me, ‘Your creative mind is the gold mine’.

‘Better times ’round da corner’.

‘Better times ’round da corner.’ That’s what they say in church. They say, ‘It’s better upstairs and worse downstairs. Pray to go up, sin to go down’. I say, ‘Tell me what to do on this floor now, not yesterday or...

Love a Spade

Love a Spade Even a spade may be an instrument of salvation. When that’s all you have to dig up weeds, and plant new seeds, Kings and Queens don’t matter.

Some Thing & No Thing

Some Thing & No Thing Some Thing lives on the hill. No Thing lives in the flood plain. One day Some Thing looks down and thinks out loud, ‘I want No Thing’. Question: How many things do I need, to know joy?...

One Man’s Take!

One man kneels and says This ain’t right! More men kneel and say This ain’t right! Men with rights say It was right, is right and will be right, so get your asses up, and go back to work!