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Smiles and Geckos

Original SOLD

SMILES & GECKOS is a Commissioned Work.

I Love Mommy

Original SOLD

I LOVE MOMMY is a Commissioned Work.

Let Free Dumb Ring


“I always knew there was an underlying theme to Ethan’s art. You brought it to life. Your impression & adaptation of Ethan’s work and the context, in which you presented it, are dead on! You have come to know my son through his work. The collage is truly Ethan! Thank you Fred for this beautiful keepsake and amazing work of art!”

Ethan says: “I love my collage. It’s good” [He gives a thumbs up.]


Love is…


“The collage that Fred created from our eight year old son’s art work captures many expressions of Liam’s personality. Fred’s work, aptly named ‘Love is. . .’ takes us on a journey through years of development and blossoming of our son’s creativity. This beautiful composition highlights many dimensions of Liam’s life. We see his portrayal of family, friends and classmates and his own sense of self as seen through the imaginary characters he creates. In addition to being a priceless chronicle of Liam’s early development, Fred’s sense of composition and color contrast makes this a beautiful piece of art we treasure and enjoy.

Best of all, Liam is thrilled to have his art honored in this way.”

— Ellen, Liam’s mom

Momy I Love You


‘Sacred’ is the term this parent used to describe her son’s art, created through the pre-school to primary years. Most of his work was kept in boxes, under the bed, but that has recently changed.

Fred created a ‘one of a kind’ collage consisting of her son’s artwork . This includes the child’s drawings, paintings, doodles and words of wisdom. This archival work has captured the story of her boy’s journey into childhood. The finished collage measures 18″ x 24″. Now, these sacred treasures are admired by all that enter her home.

Debbie’s Houseboat


  • DEBBIE’S HOUSEBOAT Is a Commissioned Work
  • Collage Dimensions: 12″ x 16″, Mat Dimension: 18″ x 22″ (3″ border)