the Presents of Now

the Presents of NowThe question is . . .what’s on your FB mind?Here comes that question again.What’s on your mind?Have you thought about how the apostrophe smoothes the passage for a continuous flow?That was on my mind then, and now what next? a real Silly...

the Gardener,

the Gardener, reaps joy from her attention to and choice of seed.She reaps what she sows.She hears,’amend your choices to mend the garden’.Amen.f 1Christi Meshell


family! I have one I can spell itI’ve seen manyI know the meaning,but I do not knowwhat it feels liketo love a family.Do you?f

FEAR of loss is the motivationfor believing in the fantasyworld of a fantasy leader.A drop of chocolate in a glassof pure, 100 percent, wholesome,unadulterated milk, will forever alter the pedigree, that in itself is imagined.Here we have insanity,based in...

a New Start.

a New Start.Octopus armsregenerate.Lob off an arm,it will grow back.Lob off a head,you get to start over.What is all this talkabout defunding the police?f

Next stop?

Every body jumpin’ onthe Soul Trainthese daystakin’ kneeschangin’ street signshuggin’ and raisin’ fists.I wanna’ seewhat happenswhen George leavesthe station.f

r p r t

r p r tI don’t know poem,from happy home.I tap what shows upand every body feelsin the right placeat the right time.f

You believe that?

You believe that?”We’re all in this together.”That’s what they saywhen we return from their warsmissing minds and limbssince early slavery daysbeing shunnedfor being dark.Yeah,we’re all in this,but not together. f

Capitalists Unite

Capitalists UniteThe heart of Godis a heart of gold,some have said.I say,”if God’s heart is gold,let’s pluck it out”.Profit beforePerfect.f

Voting fraud.

Voting fraud. Really?What amazes me is howwe will create a storyto affirm our needs.”If those colored people vote, we will certainly lose, so stop them with all means we have in our arsenal.”“With all means in any way we can, in a land of free and pale...