Peak Living

  Peak Living A man was surrounded by peaks, and woke only after knowing the valley and all in between. the Buddha      

the BlackWhite divide

The BlackWhite divide in America is based in fear From the beginning; We need more hands, to prosper. I been bought to a strange land. We can’t lose what we got. Father, daughter, brother, mother, all sold. We will kill to stay on top. It’s better to be angry and...

The Nature of Nature

The Nature of Nature. We plant and grow apples. Bugs eat the apples. We spray the fruit and kill the bugs. The bugs evolve and eat the sprayed fruit. We use stronger spray to kill the bugs. We eat the apples.  

Winging Away

Kaia is winging away, as we all are, day by day. Note: My grief wets this keyboard, only for her. My blurred vision, pained heart, and memories of happy us, have me stifling a tear-filled scream. Sleeping on a comfy bed, under the dining-room table, is my darling,...

If I had the choice of owning . . .

If I had the choice of owning a gold mine or a creative mind, which would I choose?     Which would you choose? This is where question 1 comes into play? A friend just reminded me, ‘Your creative mind is the gold mine’.

‘Better times ’round da corner’.

‘Better times ’round da corner.’ That’s what they say in church. They say, ‘It’s better upstairs and worse downstairs. Pray to go up, sin to go down’. I say, ‘Tell me what to do on this floor now, not yesterday or...

Love a Spade

Love a Spade Even a spade may be an instrument of salvation. When that’s all you have to dig up weeds, and plant new seeds, Kings and Queens don’t matter.