make believe love

make believe love(from across the street) she struts nakedpast the shade pulled low all above her belly buttonis hidden from view each night I see herwe make believe love. f

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt No need to huntoutside your home. Each in out breathis a bless’d treasure. Have one right nowlong in, long out,relax and smile. f

Do Be Say

why the fear of doing being sayingto who about what when where? before flesh in flesh after fleshwho knows before and after?You? doing being sayingis only in flesh. before has goneafter is comingnow is now Do Be Say it nowNow is all I...

Talking out loud.

Ducks say quack quack quack.Dogs say woof woof woof.We go yack yack yack.Is there a difference? Ducks and Dogs can relatewith each and every mate.We study books and the lawand still can’t communicate. When ducks and dogs get crossthey duke it out to be boss.Yet,...


The dog,my friendKaia died. With no lovefor an otherfilling in, my dayswither,Quietly. f205

one about Kaia.

mind is a crock of storiesgalore. Shocking. Loving. bales of covered hay for her outdoor dog house. a bed, covered on the deck,two in the house plus mine when she could jump up,twirl, flop, and snore up a storm. f203

She came back.

She came back. IN YOUR DREAMS!!! She came back.He came back. Back in the good ol’ days.I wish I was back there. Let’s wake up.There is no back. When we returnthrough that door each and every stepoffers a new choice....

We are them!

News flash!(on inheritance) Look at all the folks (from babies on up) staring into rectangular appendages. We already got them,the robots. With a little more programming,forget about manufacturing them. We are them! f201


FearI have it enoughto know flight or fightis my first response.Deer in the head lightsfrozen in between this and that.KnowingI AM that I AMrarely enters the picture.f199

We are one organ.

We are one organ Not just you and meand baby makes 3. There are wilder beastsbees fleas donkey knees blood cells & Buddhist bellsall creation and imagination see it and believe itbelieve it and be it. There are infinite pipes.We are one organ. f...

3 bits

Care Giver Give & Receive.Complete the Circle.*Change. live lifefluid flux flow*Fear “I love you sweetie.You’re going to die.” f 195


Quickies (jus’ now finishing up at 12:36 pm). Open with a question.What’s on the menu? Flail the loser.Hail the winner. Close with an answer.The human dilemma.*Want more of what you got?Get it. Want more of who you are?Love,*Death a voiceloud and...

Talk to with me

Talk to with meI saywrapped in this blue terry robeleaning forwardon left elbow and right handmoving the TULneedlepoint pen. Why to with . . .?I some times talk to others.Talking with others is a step up.Receive Ingest RespondIngest Share ListenOne way is ‘me...

Stay True to your self

Stay True to your self That’s what we saysmiling stern don’t really matterhow. It is your self I Am talking about. THINK Is there your self?Who says? OK, enough thinking STOP. Your self Gone....