a Fair Discussion on Race

a Fair Discussion on Race! We’re talking about what? Race don’t bother me none. Talk is cheap. That’s what my dad used to say. Can we just get past race? I’m about talked out. The pizza guy is here....

Buddha Babies

Buddha Babies Buddha babies are every where. Be the leaf that drops. Be the feeling that rises. Be the heart that loves

I’m driving.

I’m driving. Kaia is on the passenger seat. My arm is resting across her back. “I love you so much!” I don’t just say it, I feel it. Do you feel what I am saying? *** This afternoon was the first time Kaia could not raise her hind part without...

It’s all relative.

It’s all relative. The blotch became a raccoon, squished across the double line. We watch our close relatives being killed all day, so one as distant as a raccoon, is a passing thought.

the Illusion of Freedom.

the Illusion of Freedom. We stand before a starry fabric with palms over hearts knowing and not wanting to know some of us arrived encaged and are still enraged.

After the early morning

After the early morning, hot yoga class, a woman said there was a label stuck to my foot. I pulled it off. Thank God it read ‘organic’ and not ‘Walmart’.     25

Tink and See

Tink and See When it’s not said your way, the right way, do you get flustered? When you see ugly me, is there a mirror between us?     24

Mind is a box

Mind is a box . . . closed. You want a new expanded mind?? Know death is all ways present   and keep the lid wide open.       27