Commissioned Work

Award winning artist Fred Nicholson creates several kinds of commissioned works. One special offering is 'one of a kind' creations by incorporating your child's artwork and photos in a beautiful collage.   Other works may be a postcard-sized invitation to your 50th wedding anniversary or a memorial piece honoring a cherished loved one. Get those boxes from under the bed. Your ideas are important.

Childrens Collages

These unique compositions enable you to proudly display many of your child's artworks, photographs and 'words of wisdom' within one frame. During the free consultation with the parents and young artist, questions regarding size, content, and theme are answered. The creative work then begins. Your child's art is collected, scanned, resized and printed. Fred carefully cuts out these tiny images using medical scalpels. He then composes a finished work that may well become a family heirloom.

Costs range from $350 and up depending on size, number of images, etc. Payment of 50% is required in advance to start the artwork. Other services such as prints, matting and framing are available upon request. Shipping and handling is included (within U.S.A.) and your art is shipped flat using U.S. Postal Ground Service. For other services please contact me. Contact Fred at or at (360) 638-1352 to arrange for your free consultation