I read, ‘A woman was consumed . . .’

I read

A woman was consumed whole, clothing and all,
by a 30 foot boa constrictor, in India.

Before, I’d think

Now I think
WOW! Is this fake news?

the Illusion of Freedom.

the Illusion of Freedom.

We stand before a starry fabric
with palms over hearts

knowing and not wanting to know
some of us arrived encaged

and are still enraged.

Our American language . . .

Our American language affects cultures every where.

We give the word nigger negative connotations,
then export it to places with lots of sand.



Suffering occurs

Suffering occurs

because of you

in ‘I love you’.

How I harbor

How I harbor what was,

determines how I live what is.

Death creeps up on us.

Death creeps up on us.
We open the door and there it is,

No time left.  Now what?



When you see a beautiful person

When you see a beautiful person

and think WOW!

please remember
that yummy picture may not deliver
the sweetest fruit.




After the early morning

After the early morning, hot yoga class,
a woman said there was a label stuck
to my foot. I pulled it off.

Thank God it read ‘organic’ and not




Tink and See

Tink and See

When it’s not said your way, the right way,
do you get flustered?

When you see ugly me, is there a mirror
between us?




Want to serve the people?

Want to serve the people?

Fill our bellies with food,
our minds with presence,
our hearts with love.





Mind is a box

Mind is a box . . . closed.

You want a new expanded mind??
Know death is all ways present   and keep the lid wide open.






Terror by Non-Terrorists

We sell weapons to A, B and C,
then watch them kill US on TV.






a Point of View, Terrorism

 You are squatting in the thatched hut with other young children.

The old woman is trying to quiet you all.


You are a pilot, approaching the designated hamlet.

At the given command, you release the napalm.


God Dog

Dog                      God

He said. She said.

He said. She said.

He said do it with hard pounding.

She said go slow and lick the petals.

Tender izing






Barack Obama sounds African

Barack Obama sounds African to me.

Africans kill each other with machetes and eat their babies.

Obama has probably eaten babies. He could be a baby eating killer.

I can’t vote for him.

Besides, he doesn’t look like an American President.





You say, thinking is . . .

You say, “Thinking is essential”.

I say, “Thinking is the story and being is the librarian”.


We say, I love you,

We say, “I love you me him her them  peace, this that the other, ice cream and Jello.”

I say, “Feeling, not saying, is love. If you don’t feel it, forget it.”






the Masseuse

Her fingers touch my skin

lifting here and there

chills, whimpers, sighs,

feelings coming





Fredisms started as scribbled . . .

Fredisms began as scribbled notes on a yellow legal pad, while driving at between 10 and 70 mph. I have learned to drive while scripting the fast flowing thoughts with my right hand.

Someone asked if I had a death wish. No, I don’t. This is how I access what you read here. Lately, more of these works are coming while I’m out walking the local trails with Kaia.





She said the 9 year old . . .

She said the 9 year old Sioux kid had attempted suicide 3 times, the last time just 5 days ago.

I had the opportunity to play and speak with this child.

Afterwards my heart bled sorrow.





Why is war . . .

Why is war called a bitch? Its man that orchestrates it.

Now life is something else.  We never know what it’s going to offer one moment to the next.






The family

Who gave man all the credit?

I thought it took 2 to start a family.





We’re so proud . . .

We are so proud of our ‘We the People’ document.

LIVE!   LOVE!   (Doesn’t that say it all?)

We may need a wake-up call to accept that simple mantra.

HEADLINE NEWS: Rogue Planet Heading This Way!





What do we know?

What do we know?

We don’t know what we know.

If we knew what we know, we’d know what we think we know

leaves space on a pinheads.





Man squeezes through

Man squeezes through the womb, looks around,

throws up his arms and shouts,

“It’s all mine”.


So quickly we forget.





Tonto and Pocahontas . . .

Tonto and Pocahontas served their white masters.

Now they serve their master’s master.


Bearing the cross.

When I die, . . .

When I die, you die with me.

My ‘you’ is the only one in existence.





Some say, ‘nuts . . .

Some say, ‘nuts kill themselves’.

Others say, ‘nuts seed the earth’.

What’s your take?





My friend said,

My friend said, ‘When someone cuts me off in traffic,
I say out loud’, “If I knew you, I’d love you”.

Later in the day I thought ‘love is not conditional’.

I’d prefer to say, “I know you and I love you”.

Say them both and feel the difference.






Gravestones are above ground.

Life teems beneath.

Isn’t that odd?





May all beings,

May all beings, known and unknown, knowing and not, love.





Head or Heart?

One is not better than the other.


Head builds the road.

Heart travels without rage.

in Poor Town

A child today may be an adult killed by a killer tomorrow.

Will your child be killer killed or a killed killer?






A love of life

A love of life is a life of love.





They say, “God is love”.

Love is more expansive than any God in here, out there, anywhere.

Be love to know God.





You want pork?

You want pork, kill a pig.

You want peace, love your selves.





Which do you prefer?

This that and the other


This that and the other create another.





Think on this.

Spirit encompasses thought. Not the other way around.





Breathe Love

Breathe     Love






The instructor hadn’t appeared.

Someone said, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.


I said, ‘Does that mean when I’m preening in the mirror I can say

‘Thank you for appearing’?





Cock ring

smaller than bull ring

larger than wedding ring

she hopes   he smiles

at the alter.





The child equates

The child equates trust with deception and suffering.

Now let us look at that adult.





Picture this!

Picture this!

Your daughter elopes with an alien in Mexico. He is a Martian descendant. Now what?

God is God. No god

God is God.   No god

black white rainbow red yellow brown

some thing   no thing

dead   or   alive

God is God.   No god.

The other evening

The other evening while engaging with others in deep spirit work, a rush of emotion crinkled my face awash with joy. A woman turned to me and asked, “Why are you so happy”? My immediate response was, ‘Because I am and can be’

We have a need to interpret, judge and justify our emotions when it may be best to experience them and move on to the next.

You wanna be love d?

You wanna be love   d?

2 steps!

1st)   No   if   when   but.

2nd)  Love    Simply love.

“Look here”, she says.

“Look here”, she says. “This proves his love for me.

They say love is measured in grams and carats.

I measure my love in ounces at the juice bar.

Love that lasts forever? Any pawn shop will dispel that myth.






“I think people get nervous around me.”


Go home and ask, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most nervous of them all”?

Each Flake

Each flake may gladden or sadden.

Take a look at snowflakes and dandruff.



Walk and Talk

How often do we walk the talk and forego the locomotion?






Once said you own them.


What I think reveals how they are used.

How they are used reveals who I am.

Who am I?





and love will do the rest.


Invincibility is a human construct,

for even the best defense will crumble.






Consciousness, experience and choice are inexplicably related.





A rooster crows

A rooster crows.

Sun strokes the horizon.

Rise and shine.





There’s that Man-child

There’s that Man-child slipping away every now and then, for more brick and mortar,

just to be sure, just in case, just because some habits are hard to break.

Mirrors and Souls

Our children’s i’s are more important than their eyes,

but certainly less important than our I’s.

Seek the land promised

Seek the land promised and the Promised Land will find you first.

Besides . . .

40 acres and a mule won’t get you what it used to.






Egg & Sperm

It takes the 2 to tango.

In our language, 1 of the 2 is an add-on

The roots are male and man. What are the add-ons?

Early on, one add-on was spelled ‘woe’.

Don’t take my word for it.






The heart core

The heart core is not the hardcore.





One Body of Love

Removing ice cubes from the tray allows for easy manipulation. Freeze that same amount of water in one container and observe the difference.

We’ve got to get together people. We’ll live here a lot better as one body of love.





The Human Race

The Human Race

It does appear to be that way, doesn’t it? A race I mean. There is a race to the top, for the cure, to the end. We look forward to the weekend, early retirement, more money, better friends, a great body and peace on earth.

How many presents are we missing in the here-now?


Mirrors 2

When I look in the mirror, reflected back is the me I am in words.

When our forebears viewed their reflected images before words, what were their thoughts?

Every strand of a web . . .

Every strand of a web is bound by every other.

All beings, human and not, are connected as life.




Change what you see.

Change what you see. The picture will change.

Choose what you see. You get what you choose.

Your choice!




In God’s house

pews, religion and rugs are non-essentials.




Stars & Stripes forever!

Stars & Stripes     forever?

Go ask those folks where the sun never set.

The only place you’ll find ‘forever’ is in Webster’s.

No thing is forever.




The Left says . . .

The Left says, ‘Read this book’.

The Right says, ‘Read this book’.

How many will say, ‘Read all books and make up your own mind’?




Folks Say, I am my . . .

Folks say,

I am my brother’s keeper.

I suggest,

I am my brother,

for there is no other.




Why Want?

Why want
when you are All-Encompassing?

If love was a ritual

If love was a ritual

there’d be little ritual

with a whole-lot of words.




Talking About Guns

Talking about guns

my dad used to say,

‘I got the gun that brought you into this world and I got the one that can take you out’.

What i think

What i think I become.

I dive into a haystack and become Van Gogh’s sun.




Repeat Performances

The illusion of lifetimes.

Now and then?     Do overs?

Fuck that!

Before?   After?   Results?

Wipe the slate clean.

Now is all we got.



The gardener reaps joy from her attention to and choice of seeds.

She reaps what she sows.

Amend your choices to mend your garden.






A span between now and then.

Fill it anyway you want.

It’s your story.




A Capitalist System

A Capitalist System hinges on production, capital and purchasers.
This is how it works.

A and B are in conflict. X markets weapons to both combatants.
The conflict spreads to C, D and E.
X increases production to supply all parties.
X shareholders increase investment.
X owners expand facilities.
X blue and white collars earn more and spend more.

Everybody is happy.     Right?






You ever be driving along, when a critter skitters across and you glance in the rear view mirror?




A child is born

A child is born

His life force crushed

His will to live





the Mirage!

‘I am hanging on barely’ he said.

A wisp of web tugged at by a hint of wind.

Let go   be wisp  web  hint  air

‘Let go of what?’ he asked.




Sign Postings

For sale: old nanny, white wine, rocking chair, red wagon, black man.

Need not apply: one(1) African American female with natural hair.

Patrons only, buy 2 get 1 free, Private sector, Public Park, No sleeping.




The other evening while engaging . . .

The other evening while engaging with others in deep spirit work,  a rush of emotion crinkled my face awash with joy. A woman turned to me and asked, ‘Why are you so happy?’.  My immediate response was, ‘Because I am’ and added ‘and can be.’

We have a need to interpret,  judge and justify our emotions, when it may be best to experience them and move on to the next.

The old man says,

The old man says, ‘Flying is from here to there. Where is there? There and no where are the same. Try being there when you’re here, here, here ”

Mind says, ‘For me to function logically I need from there to here to there. An empty mind is no mind. Which do you prefer, mind or no mind?”

I prefer both.

When I’m in the woods . . .

When I’m in the woods leashed to Kaia, she takes the lead. I follow.

When I’m ready, we head home. It’s difficult to surrender in/to life.

Our walks are getting longer.