Before you read this or not, please be forewarned. 
What follows may not be a poem, but once it took off, 
I could not stop it. Not sure if throwing in line breaks turns words into a poem. There I go ‘wording off’ again.

the Agreement

We had one, didn’t we?
I will protect you ’til death we do part.
That was our solemn vow to you
Remember that, from way back when
you trusted we would, and we did?

[You said . . . ]

Don’t you talk, just listen!

Remember the time your cello fell and the bridge broke? 
He said, “Go down and get me the right sized switch”. 
We dragged that switch up and lay there 
as blood bounced off the walls and stained the lace curtain. 
You smiled the whole time and didn’t cry once. You rarely cried. Why? Because I was there with you from beginning to end. 
Then his arm gave out.

While he was wasting energy, we were doing cool magic tricks with hot buttered popcorn and there were the goofy little elves.
We showed him, didn’t we. We beat him at his own game.

Remember when she gabbled in a language you didn’t understand? What did we do? We looked interested and tuned in, to outer planetary frequencies? My doing!

Remember when she washed your mouth out with soap, and you swallowed it? What did I say to do? You threw it up all over. No more ‘bad word’ soap remedies after that. You can thank me.

[Jab, please listen. (Uhhh . . . his name is Jabson. I call him Jab.)]

No Nick, YOU LISTEN!!! 
We have an agreement, right?
Right? I talk, you listen until I’m done. 
Got that? 

I showed you how to feel without seeing. Didn’t that save your ass a ton of times? He made shit up and you had to feel what he wanted from you. Sure, you put on the wrong face a few times, but you also learned that words chosen wisely, hold power.
Whose doing was that? Mine!

Now you are going to hurt us like this? 
What are we supposed to do? 
Where are we supposed to go,
after all these years supporting you?

[Jab, you’re making stuff up and . . . ]
SHHHhhh . . .

[(Brain is her name.) Brain, just because . . . ]
SHHHhhh . . . same rules apply here.
You listen. I speak.
Buddy(I call him buddy), how many times do I have to remind you, it’s ALL made up, after the moment of occurrence. 
You still think the story 100 years later is the same as before. 
Let me fill you in here. During an occurrence (Now Now Now) there is no story. Stories appear AFTER each present moment. A story needs a span in/of time. What span is there in a moment? Aren’t all those shining stars saying, ‘Live in the Moment’? Well? Just asking! This world is chock full of stories. We all have them.
Buddy, let Jab say whatever he wants. It’s his story. 
The sadness is, we carry them around like cinder blocks.
In time, cinder blocks become boulders and . . .

[OK, STOP! Brain, Jab, Nauke, Oob, all of you! That is enough!
Brain, I have heard this spiel a million times, so zip it. 
Now I speak.
Many of you have been with me from day one. 
I love you. Most of you. Well . . ., some of you.
So, I will be meeting with a VA shrink this afternoon. 
First time outside the fold. I am scared too.
Just remember, this is not a divorce, but a little change.]

[(There is a cacophony of vocal protests bouncing off the brain walls.) We still have an Agreement. I trust you all will continue to protect me, ’til death we do part’ and I will do my part to maintain our relationships. OK?]

[(Later that day)]
[You all stay tucked away during this first session. Agreed?]
[(begrudgingly)] Agreed!

[(Many years later) I haven’t kept up my end of the Agreement, 
but they still pop up at times, when I am just too tired.

Life is like that.
Here today. 
Gone tomorrow.]