3 cops talking

behind the blue wall
of silence, deciding
on what to do next.

.Cop 1: Chauvin really fucked us bad
.Cop 2: Yeah! Now the whole world has eyes on us.
Cop 3: He coulda’ jus’ killed that niggah’ in the van,
and not in front of all those phones
Cop 2: Yeah! It’s not like in the old days,
when we did what we wanted,
and got away with it.
Cop 1: Put the old days aside here. We are here to vote.
Do we stand by our blue brother, or cut him loose?
Cop 3: I hate to say, if we are going to get back to normal,
condemning him will take the heat off of us,
and we’ll be the good guys.
Cop 1: So brothers and sister, what will it be?
Stand by our brother or sacrifice him to the dogs,
and get back to work as usual?

Epilogue: To see/hear how the officers voted,
tune to your local stations.