Why does a ❤️ symbolize love?

Generally FB (Facebook) reader responses are limited to emoji faces, thumbs and hearts.
Could it be the return to basic hieroglyphics and cave art, a language even the illiterate may communicate with?
Here’s a question. Why does a ❤️ symbolize love?

Sure, the pumping keeps the body upright, but without earth, air and water, there is no beating heart.
Love is larger than what beats in this chest. This is a prime example of love being about me, mine, and I.

When Mother Nature’s primary components are poisoned, what is left for us beating hearts to breathe, eat and drink?
Will any amount of worldly wealth pardon us, when that poison is at the front door?
Some of us are building rockets to leave this place. Good luck with that.
When I arrive, here I am, again.

I suggest working inside-out, to change outer appearances through inner experiences.
I may then begin to recognize and accept this beating heart is not the center of life,
but a connective strand of it.

“Beat on oh heart, for thou art blessed.”