SEER (2)

“Who are you SEER?”
I am lawlessness
outside the confines
of your cranial domain.

I am naught but
multi-dimensional madness
frowned upon by your scholars
who themselves appear to be sane.

I am the mustiness quietly nesting
in the dankness of your mind cellar.

I am the light of day
and your fear at night.

I am the impulse that you respond
to with, “that’s impossible”.

I am a soldier on the field,
slow baking under the sun,
putrefying and about to burst.

I am the mother bearing a child,
(a child nesting in the womb)
waiting for my lover to return.

I am at the door.
Invite me in.

Receive me as you will receive yourself.
Fear not, for we are never separate.

You and I are fear and death,
life and love and again,
none of the above.

Why cross a bridge, when we can fly
Why fly, when there is no destination
Fly to what? Away from where?

Let’s settle in and be here
now now now now now

Yesterday, tomorrow, a minute ago?

Each move blink touch breath
thought breathe here now.

Open your eyes.
See. Be seen


Notes: Original Writing 05/27/2012
Refreshed poetic form, 05/07/2020
(Both versions on

SEER appeared that one time,
and never again.

“Give him a call and listen”,
a voice just shouted out.

So here I have done so.