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What’s on your mind?

White and Black
in North America.

Mr. George Floyd is not a martyr.
Just another Black man in N. America.
He might have been a murderer, a father,
or a brain surgeon, but to some, Black is bad,
no matter what the person’s standing in N. America.
End of story!

People are not marching and protesting for George.
He was just a straw that broke the camel’s back.
One straw too many, and the system faltered.
Camera phone technology exposed a truth,
known to Black Americans since day one.

The ‘one-drop of Black blood rule’ had
appeared in the U.S, in the 20th century.
It stated that any person with one ancestor
of black/brown ancestry, was colored or a Negro.

That system, ridiculous as it was, rules today.
It was dandy for White men to fuck their slaves
and the slave children, but the one drop of ‘un-
white blood’ would always determine the offspring
would never own any land or inheritance from the union.

White folks today say, ‘that was way before my time’.
I suggest we continue to read on, to hear a truth.

[Redlining From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
In the United States, redlining is the systematic denial
of various services by federal government agencies, local
governments as well as the private sector, to residents of specific
neighborhoods or communities, either directly or through the selective raising of prices.]

[Redlining From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Structural racism in federal, state, and local
policymaking has produced stark and persistent inequities in economic well-being.
Eliminating these disparities will require long-term, targeted interventions
to expand access to opportunity for people of color.]

In most cultures, the bi-product of sexual union between different ethnic and cultural groups,
winds up being identified with the lower status and cultural designation.
That fact is certainly true here in our united states..

I have observed cultural conflicts
up close and on the page.

White French vs. Algerians.
White Germans vs. Turks.
Brahmas vs. Dalits.
Hutus vs. Tutsis.
U.S. vs. China.

Those conflicts involve
culture and ethnicity.

After returning from traveling overseas,
I observed two distinct differences
immediately. The overwhelming
commercialism and conflict
between Black and White,
stood out loud and clear.

Even as many cultures reside
in this country, the culture of U.S.
slavery, never having been addressed,
but continuing to leak and wreak havoc
on lives 400 years after the first fact,
will prevent any true resolution.

We currently live in an instant
sound-bite culture, usually
addressing one side
of any issue.

Let us listen, hear, read, and think
outside our personal beliefs.
I include myself to hear
and respect your
honest beliefs.

Please speak.
I will listen.