Stinkin’ thinkin’.

“Run over to Charlie’s
and ask him to give us
some hot dogs, right now.”

What did you say?

“I gotta repeat myself?
This is the fourth of July.
We supposed to have hot dogs.”

“You must have lost your freakin’ mind.
The shock of them taking the house
and throwin’ us in the damn street
has made you an instant retard.

You ain’t had a job in 10 years
and I just lost mine at Arby’s
because of this pandemic.
Fuck a buncha’ hot dogs.

We sittin’ out here in the rain,
and you needin’ a hot dog?

Charlie felt for your pitiful ass
and got you those cold beers.

“Honey, I jus . . .”

Don’t honey me.
I gotta think about
what we goin’ do now.

“Honey I think we . . .”

Now you goin’ think?
Just drink your beer
and shut the fuck up.

You want a hot dog,
pull it out of your
god damn pants.

I got to think.


Revised from April 21, 2014.