Check her out?
Over there, in the rain coat. Check out that booty. Man, she’s cute.
Yeah, but what is she doing here?
Could be working for someone in the valley, but I’ve never seen her before.
Look. She didn’t buy anything.
Maybe she’s hiding a flank steak somewhere.
We got nothing cooking. Let’s follow her. We might make a citizen’s arrest.
Yeah, lets do it.

The men jump into Bud’s SLK Class convertible Benz and follow the belching exhaust trail
for more than 25 miles up into the mountains.

Get in the other lane. There. She’s turning off.

It’s an hour later. They have been traveling up a winding dirt road into the middle of nowhere.

Bud this is bullshit. She knows we’re following her. We are the only cars up here. Let’s go back.
Come on Clyde. We have gone this far. Just 5 more minutes O.K.?

They follow her up a narrow track. When she disappears over the top Bud waits a minute and drives up.
There is an open field bordered by a thick wall of towering trees.

Where’d she go?
Yikes, what the hell is that?
Its like a . . . huge green cloud.
Man, that’s no cloud.  Clyde I can’t stop the car.

He cuts off the ignition. The car continues to move into the cloud.

Cly . . .

We slowly move away and see a huge translucent craft emitting wavering blue-green lights
There is a constant low pitched hum from some kind of motor. As we continue to rise, we see the circular craft
contains many thousands of pulsating pods of varying sizes. A close one  holds a Delta Boeing 747 in which human faces and hands can be seen pressed against the sealed glass windows. There are pods containing animals, trees, insects, mountains, and bodies of water.  

We hear the drone of loud continuous computer-like gibberish in an unintelligible language.
(I’ll translate into English so you can remain with me here.)

2 animates, human class. 1 inanimate, auto, convertible, red. Move to pod zaN9.  22 animates, bovine class. 1 animate, human class, 1 inanimate: truck with trailer. Move to pod fj4s.  1 inanimate, 33 story office building.  421 animates, human class, 23 animates, canine class, 4 animates, feline class. 3 animates, avian class. Move to . . .’

As earth becomes distant we see there are many more exploratory craft sucking our planet barren. In time even the space earth occupied will likely be podded, labeled and added to the trophy collection.

Theres not much we can do about it. This alien craft is heading home. We are the booty. 

Clyde wake up. Where the hell are we?