a Dream

Some nights I have insights
into color-full dreams.

At the World Conference
of non-human beings
I sat and watched

pigs, bears, goats and hares
robins, bees, crocs and fleas
house cats, spiders and bats

bugs, shrews and kangaroos
chinchillas, sharks and gorillas
ants, raccoons, eagles, baboons

snails, lady bugs, and banana slugs
monkeys, moths, giraffes and sloths
polliwogs, alsatians and crustaceans

and millions more than I could ever see
have just voted on the question posed
and the consensus is being disclosed.

“At the World Conference of non-human beings,
we have definitely agreed that God made us all,
not just you humans, in Her/His/It’s living image”,

so humans, when you’re in nature,
be sure to see and hear God’s voices,
knowing you’re on a sacred pilgrimage,

and then I woke up.