a Longtime friend

A longtime friend sends you a Happy Birthday FB post.
You laugh out loud because today is May 30th,
exactly 30 days before your burfdae.

You respond with a FB message, to avoid embarrassing S.

‘Hi S. You are 30 days early. My burfdae is on June 30’th.
You used to remember my burfdae better than me.
Now look. Change is inevitable, I guess.’

S messages back.
“You’re joking, right? Today IS your birthday.”

Your brow wrinkles and you let out a little chuckle.
You get up and pull out your driver’s license.
DOB 5-30—
You squeeze your eyes shut and open again. 
DOB 5-30—
You pull out other birth documents. 
You are breathing harder now.
You run around the house
pulling birth shit out.
DOB 5-30—

S messages again.
“Call me. Let me know you’re joking.”