a Pig’s tale

We just had the yummiest smoked ham hocks ever eaten by 2 beings, one human, one canine.

Two days ago I was shopping in Central Market and saw these petite, ankle-sized hocks (4 of them) packaged together. Normal sized hocks look like grandpa’s swollen knees, smoked.

So, I cooked 2 of them in my Instant Pot (IP) for 35 minutes, intending to cut them into a vegetable smoked pork stew. Those 2 hocks were forked from the pot directly into our mouths (Kaia’s and mine), with no left overs. WOW! I/we have tasted pork Heaven.

I had to be sure.
So, I pulled the two frozen hocks from the freezer, thawed in hot water, then into the IP (with water) for 35 minutes.

We just got back from Buck Lake, opened the IP and devoured those 2 hocks. Not quite devoured, because of all the little bones and connective tissue. Again, they were soo yummy.

I am gonna get some more petite ankle hocks tomorrow, before you get there and clean the store out.

OK, I know. This article may sicken a few of you. Tomorrow I am having an all organic meal of sauteed tofu and sweet baby broccoli in a black bean sauce, with a steamed sweet potato.


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