a Private Letter Made Public

Regarding my ‘Color Matters’, another writer stated,
“A vexatious subject in many ways, not least for the unhappiness it can cause”.
My response was,

Some may agree this subject of color is infuriating, frustrating and downright annoying.
These experiences are not ouchies, that first appear
in the body. These grouped emotions start up stairs
and may cause headaches and body maladies.

I hear you loud and clear!
White Black Pink Ochre
Rough Dry Baggy Firm
skin don’t matter to me,
and it’s not about skin tone.
My tone is paper bag brown.
What do you name yours?

It’s about generations of families
severed from their rich cultures,
deprived of their native languages,
and given Jesus Christ to worship.
400 years later we watch Wakanda
while munching hot buttered popcorn.

It’s about Native American Indians. STOP!
Let us think about that.
They certainly are natives.
American because of Mr. Vespucius.
Indian because of a geographical error.
90% of them were killed purposefully,
some not, by folks wanting to own land.

Physical, emotional and spiritual abuse
starvation deprivation and outright murder
may have long lasting affects (or is it effects),
on someone’s outcome. What do you think?

It’s about feeling it in my bones,
not just reading or thinking about it.

‘Color Matters’ is not just about Indians and cowboys,
or Crayola hues. It’s really about Black and White.
This is North America, where one(1) drop of African
blood makes you black. You ever hear such nonsense
where you live? This won’t be found in current law books,
but it lives on, in the heads of many here in the U.S of A.

I don’t know your racial heritage
and do know the adage about birds of a feather.
It has been that way AND change is quickening.
Each successive generation is more tuned in.
Old farts like me still cling to the past,
and need to step aside.

So many young people connecting in/with/for life/communion/love awakening.

I heartily thank you for the thought-full response to my work
and will respond to any and all other comments.

Blessings abound,