This day,
Christmas Day
dTrump has not signed
the new Pandemic Relief Bill.

He is losing his center stage
vocal, worshiping, aggrandizing,
stroking his humongous ego, audience.

He doesn’t want his worshipers
to drop their allegiances,
so he will hesitatingly
sign the bill.

He is an angry man,
and we know that,
and this too
will pass.

American citizens have always starved,
but these days starvation is affecting
us all. The Corona Virus has no
prejudice against me or you.
What is most apparent
is prejudice exists in
me, mine, and I
human minds.

Love of me, you, all life
is the key to survival,
but mind says ‘I am
the primary one’.

You choose.

I am separate
Love is for all.



The day after.
dTfump did not sign the bill,
but his lack of concern for others
and his definite anger is very evident.


The 2nd day after
dTrump still has not signed the bill,
but his extreme narcissism, endorsed
by the white wing Proud Boys and Girls
will force him to sign. He wants his flock
to continue liking him. dTrump will sign lt.


The 2nd day, continued.
dTrump just signed the bill.


December 27, 2020