a Rant!

A short while ago, I observed a discussion about Aunt Jemima, the woman on the syrup
and pancake label. I found the different statements and positions about her,
worth a few notes.

Nature is not either/or, one or the other. Nature IS. Simple as that. IS.
Action and reaction, if observed. No reflection on right or wrong or judgement from any critter. The critters aren’t sitting back on their haunches thinking, ‘What am I going to do next week’. Then we humans come along with our superior intellect and judgements, forgetting, there is the gray matter, the in between.
It appears using the gray matter is too much for many of us.

That vast area of thinking, listening, hearing and using the inner sources available to us for critical discernment and sharing truth, is fast asleep. We prefer Left vs. Right, Democrat vs. Republican,
Black vs. White.

Obama was a human leader with judgements and was judged as good and as bad. His willingness to negotiate, set him apart from most others. Give and take. From day one he was met with,
“Our way or the highway”.

Fear is the root of our troubles. Fear of loss of self, power, income, prestige and you name it. In a culture where ‘me, my’ mine and I’ rule, there isn’t any room for ‘us’, all of us.

There are communities in this country where the words ‘old folks’ still have meaning. Them sharing their wisdom and relations about all of life, was/is still important to some of us. Many others of us lock our old folks in distant facilities, with no time, interest, or money to care for them.

In this Covid-19 matter we say, get the economy back on track. Mostly, the elderly die, and they are an increasing and costly burden on our healthcare system. The sooner they die off, the quicker we can return to ‘normal’ and save millions of dollars. The amount in one’s bank account has surpassed the amount of loving care we have for each other. If we do not respect others of our species, how are we going to truly care for the planet, or any other life on it?

Look around! Species that have existed longer than us humans ,are becoming extinct every day. Me, mine. and I. You, me and we evolve from the same earth as elephants, mountains, trees, piranha and monkey food. Our early ancestors communed with the earth and its inhabitants, experiencing the web of connection. I have seen how the Australian Aboriginals had their lands and culture ripped from under them. Having participated in ancient Native American ceremony here, involving trees and stones and earth and fire, same thing. It is good the elders in these cultures continue to teach the young ones, the old ways. Sure, times change, and cultures evolve, and modification is good, but the worship of money is a definite curse.

Why do I say that? Look around.400+ years later some folks still thrive on the backs of former slaves.The Navaho are suffering greatly from Covid-19. They do not have the means to pay for their care, so who cares? Not our system.Some N. American communities have inferior housing, poor education and few job prospects. Why? Investment in these areas require long term interest from those that have the means, BUT corporate shareholders want to see their returns increase tomorrow, not years up the road.

Reparations for Black and Red* communities in this Capitalist world is a non-starter. Why? No immediate returns on Investment.

*Red: when we consider nearly 90% of Native Americans were wiped off this continent and squeezed into land reserved exclusively for them, I think they also deserve something. Don’t you?

So there is my rant,
for all to read or not.

Left, Right,
in Between,

today, I say this,

does not exist.

Gotta get back out
and cut the grass.

The mower is not
a self starter,

and I have grass
up to my ass.