a White friend was expressing how upset he was
by the burning and looting and random violence
being displayed by the thugs fighting our police.
He noted that calm protests and talking is best.

I gave his comments consideration and then said,

when has talking peace and protesting quietly
prevented Black men and boys from being
randomly targeted, victimized, murdered,
imprisoned and accepted here in a land
of free and brave like you, my friend?

Did drinking from water fountains
come about peace fully or were
bullets, batons and canines
used by our law and order
to viciously suppress
Americans just
having a wish
to live brave
and free?

Please list how the fruits of Black labor
reap the same benefits as the fruits
of yours, with institutional racism
seen in every pocket of society.

Since the introduction of slavery in this land,
when has talking worked, to change it?
Outright slavery has been replaced
by the Private Industrial Complex.
Revolving brown/black people
through these profit mills
affect their families
more than others.

My dear friend, some times
‘the Big Picture’ is much more
complex than what our eyes see.

Blessings abound,
and appearance
will deceive us.