all is Still. 
[OK. Take a slow breath or two or more ]

Still is never enough, is it?
[Here comes the preachy talk.]

Still is defined by the ‘and’ or ‘what’ words.
More short stories in the making.

Can you imagine your Mind
Still in still with no Why?

Now see before and after stories
from here to there and vice-versa

as being illusional captures
in text, on screen, and face to face.

Maestro(a) enters center stage waving a wand
leaving trails we call [who done it?] history.

Stories and more stories to come
using the old donkey-carrot trick.

The carrot is never close enough to bite,
to satisfy our hunger, to be still.

Imagine your Mind
still with no Why?

It may be time to step back
and observe Maestra(o) in action.

[Take a breath or two or more ]
Me, mine, my story, . . . gone

All is still
a story.