In a written piece from December 10th, ‘Let’s talk about Vietnam’, I wrote,
‘I was raised with hatred for Jews and even the word repulsed me’.
A friend asked,
“How long did it take to transform that hatred?”

I really don’t know.
After 70+ years of exploration, discovery and change, I really don’t know.
That taped hatred loop, the one of Jews, stopped running quite awhile ago.
I don’t feel hate for any one or any thing right now.
Just tried to conjure up hate, but all I got was a scrunched up face.

Two people may spell and pronounce ‘hate’ the same. One may feel revulsion of the other.
The other may feel rainbows and sunshine or a million other things.
Let’s remember, 2 hates can never be exactly the same beneath the surface.
Hate is topical. What do I mean? I may say ‘I hate Blacks’ or ‘I hate Jews’ or ‘I hate Reds and Browns and Catholics’
or ‘I hate Whites and Others’. There’s that old saying, ‘Birds of a feather, flock together’.
The feathers of the hated birds (by affiliation and association) will be ruffled most.
Please give that a thought. Don’t just take my word for it.

Words like ‘hate’ fuel hotheads, and then what?
Hotheads fuel more hotheads!

We all like stories!
Let’s see if I can compose a visually connective story,
short on words and deep in substance.

I was a ‘no thing’, not black, white or even other. My antennae was usually on the lookout for danger, from without-in.
I once ran into a tree at full speed, and broke a front tooth. Sometimes my antennae was asleep.
Jabson, the usually keen antennae man, came to my defense time after pain full time.
He’d holler “Batten down the hatches, deaden the senses, smile, just smile”.
I’d be smiling up a storm and he (dad) would whip harder. Afterwards I’d think “Sorry dad,I  didn’t feel a thing.”
You see, I’d be watching movies with the little elves. Sometimes we had hot buttered popcorn. I smile now,
and can almost smell that popcorn. Isn’t it odd that food we like make us salivate, even food we’re imagining?

I don’t hate any Jews, but do view the Palestinians being squeezed out of existence as a tragedy.
North America is another interesting place to live. The says between 10 and 60 million
black slaves died during the transAtlantic slave trade. No one mentions that, ever.
Black slaves were transportable goods, like hogs, tea and chickens.
How many chickens died in transport during those years? Who knows? Who cares?
There were several African slave revolts and uprisings on this continent.
The only one I read about in American history books is the one lead by John Brown,
a White man. Why do you think that is?

History is recorded by scribes of the Head Lemmings. We choose a Head Lemming best suited to our beliefs,
and support that person. You’d think we’d have learned a better approach, after centuries of recorded conflict.

Oops! Went off course again.

Later on feelings began to pop-up, and take root.
I started to work with others, healers of all types.
Jabson resisted change. “I have taken care of you all these years, so why are you listening to them now?”
That went on for awhile. That phenomenon happens all over, doesn’t it?
We get a taste of (false) power and want to hold on to it.
Now there are other voices, louder than Jabson’s.

These feet have lead the way,
to Hatha Yoga, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, S.N. Goenka, the Red Road, Contemplation meditation,
Asia and Europe, wise messengers and voyagers, demons and angels, and to this very moment. My friend, I hope my response has answered the question to your satisfaction. It is not, as I proposed, short on words, but I hope fully, like a bowl of hearty soup, not lacking in substance.
By the way, what was the question?