an Out Loud View
October 16. 2020

Trump, Kurds, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, ISIS, Russia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. of A.

The Kurds don’t own or control a recognized land mass. In 1925 Kurdistan was divided
up between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. The Kurds live in all these countries and a couple of others.
The U.S. of A have used the Kurds as proxy fighters since the mid 1970’s.
Trump isn’t the first president to abandon them.

Trump made the promise to his constituents to get all troops out of Syria,
and he intends to keep that promise. ISIS(the Islamic State) was officially designated in 2006.
ISIS beheads artifacts and real people. The world fears and despises their fanatical actions.
The U.S. of A armed the Kurds to fight ISIS. It’s better that we bomb from above and the Kurds die on the ground.

Currently Kurds have gained control of major oil deposits in Syria. They fought ISIS heroically, not for us,
but to gain land they can call their own, in Syria, on the Turkish Border. Turks and Kurdish folk have been fighting for many years. When the U.S. of A armed the Kurds against ISIS, Turkey protested vehemently.

Thousands of international ISIS prisoners have been held in Syria, by the Kurds. The European countries will not accept their ISIS nationals back. Middle Eastern countries will not accept their ISIS nationals back.
The U.S. of A will not accept its ISIS nationals back either. Any thinking person may realize this is not a longterm tenable situation. Now, everyone condemns Turkey for wanting to protect their borders from Kurdish PKK attacks. Turkey has taken in more than 2.5 Million Syrian refugees since 2011, more than any other country on the planet. The United States has taken in 11,000 Syrian refugees between 2011 and 2016. Russia is now moving in where the U.S. of A is moving out, and Mr. Trump is happy to oblige his friends. Those Kurdish controlled oil fields are enticing. Oh yeah!

I am not a historian and am asking someone who is, to tell me why so many countries
condemn Turkey these days. Is it the fear of a returning ISIS or some other reason?

Help me out here.