So here is a question for you? What does ‘we’re all one‘ mean? Here’s another! Do you believe it?

Guys, let’s use a little imagination to put ourselves in the following scenario.

So there you are biting dogs and popping corn with your men friends at your place. The girls are doing their own thing somewhere else. The half-time show is on and there is some sweet looking booty on the field. Temptation of diversion surrounds you.

Suddenly the screen cuts to a pudgy black guy with buck teeth and an Oxford accent, talking about shelling out dollars for starving kids somewhere in the world.

One of your buddies jumps up and shouts, ‘What the fuck? This is a crock of shit. ‘

The ad cuts to a distant shot of naked kids with distended bellies, protruding ribs and fly eyes. The camera moves closer and a chewed dog bit drops from your open mouth. It hits the carpet with a thud. The room is silent. The camera has moved in to portrait mode.  The faces are of  Tracy, Jake, Wanda, June, Tim, and several other kids you all know.

You sit stunned, ‘What the fuck?’ You holler up to your kids. ‘Sweetie,  Jake,  get down here. Now!’

The flat panel has returned to the tits and ass jiggling and gyrating on the living room wall.

‘Tracy . . .   Jake . . .’


So let me ask again, ‘What does ‘we’re all one’ mean and do you believe it?’.

Sometimes our ‘oneness’ stops inside the front door.