At the Hickory Dickory Dock,
Billy T. mouse jumps up each
of one hundred and two steps
of the Down Town Clock Tower.

He has not been this high
above sea level ever before,
and wants to see for himself,
if life is better living higher up.

Billy T. has fought fellow mice
for the crumbs that feed his kids,
wife and extended family members,
living in holes in crumbling buildings.

Now at the very top of his world,
Billy T. Is madly scurrying around,
stuffing his ears with gobs of dust
to keep the deafening clock tocking

from popping his tiny ear drums,
and causing an unexpected effect
that would change this story course
and leave the story teller lost in space.

The gobs have saved a story
and Billy’s hearing is still intact,
but his teenie stomach is aching
from hunger, after the tiring climb.

Now what? His eyes and whiskers
tell him there is nothing to eat here,
while Billy T’s mind reveals the views
are wonderfully expansive from up high.

A voice in his furry little head says,
‘Intellect and vision are life essentials,
but without fuels for the fire, there is no
fodder for intellect, so both are necessary’.

After sitting with this revelation a while,
Billy T. mouse slowly descends the steps,
and returns to his poor, hole in the wall family,
having a plan for partnerships with other species,

introduced by Doctor Doolittle’s grandson,
to create a ‘Brand New World Order’.