Not all love

Not all loveNot all loveis what is expectedin a thought-full worldEach breath is life flowbeyond learningfrom a bookShare presents and feelthe presence of lifein a heart beatf

Loving Change

Loving ChangeImagine this world,a Hummer’s nest size,in it’s current condition,nesting in your open palm.You may close your handand POOF, earth is no moreORchange what you see, with love.After your changes,how is earth different?We have Climate Change,so let us now...

Next of kin.

Next of kin.My nest of kinis the robin’s,in the trellis.She swoops downwhen I take a peekat the three babies.When we see all lifeas our ‘next of kin’,clarity will prevail.f

Letting Go!

Letting Go!We all have the stories.Here are 3 of minein a few words.*Kids too . . .Pieces strewn aboutwere just guys and dolls(other cultures have them)when our shells landedblowing the tenantsto smithereens,in Vietnam.*decades later I visited himin St. Vincent’s...


Now,between birth and death,(ringing bells & wringing hands),are the actions of a life experiencedor not, in eåch expressed breathan instant of presence offersbouquets of presentsshared with allthat is a lifeof love.PresenceoccursNow.f