Because life is like that.
In one door, out the other.
We live in between doors.

Because I walked outside
& Kaia was on the deck
looking up at me.

Because I was thinking, ‘You’re pretty’ 
and just thinking won’t get very far
in the 3-D world

Because children come here
as mystery and fertile landscapes
open to share the gifts they provide.

Because Tipping is allowed for air costing 39 cents 
per liter. Other species die first. Then the poor folk
then no one is left to have sex with or bake bread for.

Because when you see the STOP sign
do you slow down cautiously or speed 
past the sign with your foot to the floor?

Because we don’t look alike, 
does not mean we are not alike
after having the same food air and water.

Because I live in the housing projects
does not mean locking me up
will keep you safe and sound.

Because I heard the Muller interrogation
today, it showed me that many lawyers win 
or lose based on their acting and verbal skills.

Why Because? Don’t know!
I walked around the house
’til the 1 word multiplied into many.