Before the apple bite

I AM the rain, the dark, the light,
the black white christian jew
buddhist muslim other
father mother
me and you.

Oneness is as much an illusion
as Goddesses Gods Saviors
all of the Higher Powers
and imagined others.

The 5 basic senses can not deliver
many scents
various tastes
different sights
separate sounds
multiple sensations.

How can you and me experience oneness
(not just talk, think about or believe it),
with all this variety and with mind
residing at the control panel?

Oneness left the coop,
when mind and ego entered.
Mind needs a story. Just Look around.
There are many minds and countless stories.
We enjoy our stories too much to consider oneness.

Adam took a big bite of the apple,
if you believe in the bible story,
so now we IMAGINE oneness,
but live in the Illusion
of you, me and we,
health and illness,
ours and theirs,
mine and yours,
life and death.

I AM the night sky day bright.
I AM presents of presence.
I AM you me them us we.
I AM breath and death.
I AM here now. I AM

all that was is and will be.