When the teacher appears, we may not acknowledge the lesson immediately.
I am sharing an example.

A few days ago at a potluck, I jokingly asked if your covered dish was beef tartare. You lifted the cover on the platter. I saw sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and . . .
“It’s live food”, you said, and lowered the towel.
Vibrant colors flashed. I said, “Yes, live food”.

The next morning while at the lake with Kaia, it hit me, like never before.
The power of live or die, live or dead, has survived for centuries.
Africa, after the extermination and extraction of many of Her species
and much of Her lands, continues to exude a high vibration.
You’d have thought all that death and destruction would have
made the continent morose and uninhabitable, yet we travelers still want to visit there.

All that to say ‘There is no living without dying. One is necessary for survival of the other.
The question that came to me was,

“Should both life AND death be celebrated?”