When they think/say       You’re stupid, mad, a genius, sad, thin, fat, happy, glad, bright, dim,
good or bad . . . just reply with a,     ‘thank you’.

Let’s try that on for size. What don’t you like about yourself, in one word?       I am . . .

“Thank you. I Am all that is.”            (You can drop the ‘I Am all that is’ if you’d like.)

Here is another gimmick for you.
Sit, relaxed, turning your head, while slowly opening and closing your eyes.
Every time they open on another  person, place or thing, feel and say aloud,
‘Thank you for your blessings’.   If that don’t bring a smile, you’re trying too hard.
That person, place and thing are all images of Her. Some argue there is no Her, Him, Spirit, or God.
That OK. Others defend their secular beliefs to the death. That is OK too.
I’m just suggesting we try something new.

Like you, even your arguments and beliefs will pass. Let’s think bigger than my life time.
My life time is not even a bit of sand granule in the Sahara. Our current way of communicating
certainly keeps mind active. We’ve got theologians, philosophers, atheists, activists, therapists,
readers, politicans, historians, and writers. Out of jungles and caves we have evolved from drums
to Androids; autos have retired covered wagons; bunker busters trump spear-chuckers;
the North American Garbage Patch redefines the word ocean.

By the way, some folks would prefer to be attacked by a dinosaur than by a bunker buster.
At least you could cook up some tasty steaks from one of them.

So where has all this mental know-how gotten us?
Some friends say,     ‘I avoid everything negative’.
Do you think we’d have a Buddha on the altar if He’d done that?
If Jesus had avoided pain and suffering, someone else would be up on that cross,
and the church would be out of business.

I AM the maker, the bomb and the receiver, the dead and dying, the wounded and missing.
I AM the plastic debris, the fisherman, fish and his net. I AM German, Jew, and Congolese.
I AM ALL OF THESE.                           THANK YOU!