It’s challenging to live being here now when most of us exist in before and after.
When we are out and about Kaia  sniff, sniff, . . . sniffs,  being a dog.
I’m thinking about this, that and the bacon I’m  going to have for breakfast.

Kaia D and me.

D: You look at me like I’m a dog spelled backwards. How many times have we been through this?

me: I love you so much. You’re such a good dog.

D: When I am a bad God, do you love me just as much? If  love is measured linearly with good and bad at each end,
at what point does one become the other? When love becomes hate and  good is now bad are we aware
when the change begins to occur, so we may immediately retool our thinking?         If not now, when?


Today Kaia sniffed at a crossroads and headed a way unfamiliar to me. I nipped that opportunity in the bud.
To detour from a well travelled rut is to say, ‘Hello fear, you’re not the boss’.


This morning while out with Kaia, she was doing her sniff sniff and I was jolted out of La La land
when a voice shouted, ‘Wake Up’.

Then there I was, love leashed to love in love with love.