Black people die in so many ways.

Only the newly arrived slaves
had customs, family, a home life.
Each new generation of slave
had the life beat out of them.

There wasn’t much hate for black
beasts of burden in the early days.
They served this country and Europe
with goods and services, for free.

Even after “Lincoln freed the slaves” they say
,Southern land owners were losing free labor.
When you got someone cleaning your house
and doing your laundry free, change is hard.

You had a nanny nursing all 4 of the kids,
with one on the way, your tender teats
may have to suffer hard little gums.
“No way! Get those niggers back!”

They did use any excuse to get them back.
Loitering, sitting, standing, talking loud
looking dangerous, walking, running
,meant 2 to 40 years hard labor

.a Black men says,
“I don’t want to be the angry black man”.

You were ripped from Mother’s womb,
the dark seed source of all life
and ferried to a new place.
Why not be angry?

I know! I know! Slavery was in Mississippi.
Where were the processing cotton mills?
They were in the North and in England.
The U.S. sold 80% of global cotton.

It’s OK to be an angry white man
with a rational reason for anger.
You saw a scary black man
and shot him. No further
reason is necessary.

In these united states of America.
Black people die in so many ways.