Ten Questions

Who breaks the law?

Who makes the law?
Legals came here

killed the native buffalo food
chained a people’s body and mind
tested bombs on 2 Asian cities

and they still make the law.

in Poor Town
a child today may be an adult killed
by a killer tomorrow.

Will your child be killer killed or a killed killer?

Head or Heart?
One is not better than the other.

Head builds the road.
Heart travels without rage.

A weapon is a device designed to harm others.
We Americans design and distribute more
weapons than everyone else on the planet.
I don’t hear any complaints from anyone.

What’s all the brouhaha about ‘a right to life’?

Want to serve the people?

Fill our bellies with food, 
our minds with presence,
our hearts with love.

You wanna stand up?
Just do it.

You wanna stand out?
Stand up!

When spirit has flown the coop,
why is the coop entombed,
and held in reverence?

When I am balanced in moments and in between,

what more or less is there?