In the End

In the End,no, just before the end we can hope for Heaven to be a new homeand Hell where others go.When still a child, I wonderedif broken bodies are reassembledbefore they arrive in those two places.f


MindIf our Western culture did not fearwhat we perceive as leavingour attachment to life,for the unknowndarkness,we’d be better off,knowing changeis constantlydeceivingMind,f

Not all love

Not all loveNot all loveis what is expectedin a thought-full worldEach breath is life flowbeyond learningfrom a bookShare presents and feelthe presence of lifein a heart beatf

Next of kin.

Next of kin.My nest of kinis the robin’s,in the trellis.She swoops downwhen I take a peekat the three babies.When we see all lifeas our ‘next of kin’,clarity will prevail.f


Now,between birth and death,(ringing bells & wringing hands),are the actions of a life experiencedor not, in eåch expressed breathan instant of presence offersbouquets of presentsshared with allthat is a lifeof love.PresenceoccursNow.f

kill the heat

kill the heata little heat can kill youa little cold can kill youa little killer can kill youI just willed this bodysitting in the 104 degreesto be the heat, and it works.It’s bedtime,lights out,fan onhighf

serviceHow far do my parameters to serve another extend?Through joy and pain,thick and thin?Jesus, like others,served joyfullywith his life.f


Nowwhen you’re strugglingout loud or in the privacyof what you call Your mind,a little known choice i haveis to hang this mind on the hookand choose one better suited to meor choose no mindand live lifeNow.f


costumes.the train leaves the trackwith me, inside lookin’ outfrom the fulcrum of stop, me and you no longer know the other,for there is no other to know.costumes back on the hookslabeled you and meand babymakes3.f

Passing life.

Passing life..See what you want.Some times you seewhat’s in front of you.I jus’ saw my bloody head shattering shotpropelling bone fragsinto the wall,already stainedwith dried blood.f

Heart Strings

Heart StringsA pedal harp may have 47 strings.Each string has a given tone.Each tone has a purity.Why lust after another stringbefore feeling my placein this tune of life?Only thenwill melodiesbe shared love.f