She says . . .

She says’Find it and face it’. I say’Find it and be it’. For years it chased medown 13 flights of stairs. One afternoon I stoppedand turned. It entered meand there was no thing to FEAR f


Sense Does this/that make sense?is a question Who am I?is a better question I AM beyond words,so you take it from here. f


FearI have it enoughto know flight or fightis my first response.Deer in the head lightsfrozen in between this and that.KnowingI AM that I AMrarely enters the picture.f

Now What?

SEER, please speak loud and clear. Rumble off the mountain topsRain fire upon the livingFlood the lands with salt. Wash away the charactersincluding strong and surviveand live and love, all 26. No more characters.Now what?No more characters....

the Mirror

the Mirror People in power want to keep it. Doesn’t matter the position or system. Some are community-minded. Others are Me-mine-I minded. Each may become the other. Look around and see Me-mine-I in the mirror....

The Nature of Nature

The Nature of Nature. We plant and grow apples. Bugs eat the apples. We spray the fruit and kill the bugs. The bugs evolve and eat the sprayed fruit. We use stronger spray to kill the bugs. We eat the apples. f