MindIf our Western culture did not fearwhat we perceive as leavingour attachment to life,for the unknowndarkness,we’d be better off,knowing changeis constantlydeceivingMind,f

kill the heat

kill the heata little heat can kill youa little cold can kill youa little killer can kill youI just willed this bodysitting in the 104 degreesto be the heat, and it works.It’s bedtime,lights out,fan onhighf

Got a warrant?

  “What, you got a search warrant?”No.”Then why are you searching mind?” Listeners hear,”The answer is not thereor any where discoverable”. Next step is “You still don’t get it.No answer.No steps. Presenceis...

Know any?

Know any? All we knowthese daysis knowing. I know this that.I know you know me.You know I don’t. Then,‘The Know It Alls’know it all, when askedwhat we know.Know any? f

I lie,

I lie, I lie to you,to be safe in hereand keep fear out there. I lie with you,imagining fantasywith an other is reality. I lie,until liesbecome truth. f