Choices we make.

A few days agoI visited a friend.
After giving me a massage
and remedies for aches,

I noted my wrinkly body parts.
She said, ‘Fred, you’re old’.
Fred stopped COLD.

He had never been called old.
She continued with her gifting.
I returned home the next day.

Sitting at the dining room table
5 evenings later, a voice spoke.

“How does old feel”.
(I chuckled out loud).

If I was 20 years younger,
I’d be calling this body old

.The voice addressed me again.
“Here is a thought to consider”.

“You have lived to be old & fear full
of having a close human relationship.
How has that served you?”

A friend asked me to answer the question,
“How have your choices served you?”

They have and have not.

I have folks that love me from afar.
That is how I have kept it. Afar,
which is why I cannot write
of intimacy with another.
This choice has not
served me at all.

I reflect on the garden, art and acting, the writing,
travel experiences, communion with nature,
life observations and the joy of living
as close as possible in moments.
These choices serve me well.