Color Full Words

Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee
celebrate the same national day,
in more than one united state.

When the first Europeans arrived,
freedom of where I live ended
for those of us, already here.

Being in tune with living life
was burned shot starved
and alcohol poisoned

out of generations to come.
A God of Words replaced
the life of Living Spirit.

Whites landing after the first bunch,
(Poles, Italians, Hungarians,Slavs),
were not seen as white back then.

They had to choose white or other,
and seeing how others are treated,
what choice would you have made?

Red Black Yellow Brown
and all the in-between colors,
can never be the White Word God.

There is more to life than words we use.
[There may be anger heading this way.
It’s not a foe. Take it in. Let it go.]

Words arrive and I record them,
and may want to change them,
but send them on their way,

knowing change is constant
and consistently inevitable,
no matter what they say.

Original Ma is White.
Dad is Black and Red.
About me, I have no clue.

There is that little teapot,
now spouting off again.
What colors are you?