Color, Then and Now.

May I ask you to consider my thoughts
on social and racial privilege,
in its past and current forms?

Our dominant North American culture evolved from Europe,
so let us start there.

Whiteness was/is likened to purity.
European aristocracy painted and powdered themselves white.
This charade of purity was topped off with a white wig.
This was before toilets and cleanliness were known.
Poor folk were darkened by coal soot and other grime.

In time, most northern Europeans were called white.
Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and other southern Europeans
had to prove themselves, when coming to America,
by fitting into the accepted white Christian culture.
Darker peoples coming here, or those here already,
failed the color test and suffer/ed the consequences.
Oh yes, a few have been able to fool the visual test.

Let’s skip back a few hundred years.
The Chinese mastered gunpowder.
The European mastered the manufacture of guns.
The rest of the world was/is suffering
from the consequences of that.

The 96 count Crayola Crayon set doesn’t cover all colors,
BUT white is in the box along with the 95 others.
So, who took white out of the color box?

Throughout human history,
the haves want to hold on to what they have.
The have nots want more than they have.
There is the fact of limited resources.
What generally happens next?

Many guides, visible and not, have brightened the way
for us all. Does it appear that our choices made today
are creating fertile soil for life on earth tomorrow?

The young people may be our saving grace,
not just in words, but with their actions.
tick tock. tick tock. tick tock. tick . . .

That is my 2 cents on the matter of color,
and life on earth.