Day 1 in the Woods

I was walking at a rapid pace,
faster than ever before,
leaping over roots
on the trail.

When I arrived back at the parking lot
and pulled the pedometer out,
I was overjoyed to see
my fastest time

That evening my knee began hurting
and the ice packs applied
appeared to help.

The next morning I rolled out of bed,
almost, as the pain was so great
no weight could be placed
on my right leg.

For longer than 2 weeks I hobbled,
winced, iced, limped, favored
the leg and then got
a massage.

Three days ago I started walking again
and the message landed clearly
to take my time and step
around and over

When back at the car, the meter showed
I had walked much further than before,
while enjoying the wooded trail.

The lesson learned is the past need not
to represent the present. After spending
most of my career in commission
sales and competing against
other sales people
to be best,

I find myself years into retirement,
competing against a meter,
recognizing some habits
may be difficult to leave
where they belong,
back in the past.

Some times pain
is a message
I listen