Day 11 in the Woods

Seldom do I relate
with sexual natures

when they have to do primarily
with more than mental fantasy.

Ask why that is Fred.
Why is that Fred?
Why is that?

When folks say, “I don’t know”, ‘make it up’
I say, because memory is rehashed
bits of always changing pieces,
meaning it’s made up!

Not a being, place or thing
is outside the domain of change
meaning solid illusions have us humans
tread milling to halt change,
the only inevitability
of this realm.

I am happy to say
so much in so
few words

and very very pleased
to see/feel emotions
arrive, and be able
to be the change,
but not follow it.

opinions change,
like all else.

The issues rise
when I need to prove
my way is the best way,
no matter what you believe.

You know what I mean,
when Christianity
vs. Islam.

How many folks say
to each other

I never get sick.
I’m healthy as an ox
Sickness is for pussies.
God always protects me.
Think sick and be sick.
Don’t believe the lies.
I do what I want.

5 days later
they have a cough,
worse than ever before.

What will be the first thought
(choose just one response)
supplied by the participants?

a) I should stop eating meat.
b) I’m choking on your hair.
c) Oh God, I’ve got Covid.