Day 12 in the Woods

I thought this series
was going to be more
walking and less talking,

but here I am again
hopin’ to go walkin’
standin’ here talkin’.

I wanna’ walk more
and think a lot less.
I will let you know
when I stop again.

I stopped
a little way
into the walk.

I just do not trust
what has spoken up
can be recalled later on.

I needed guidance
while still walking
and maybe got it

while I worded away
in my little pearl
of a mind,

but being so absorbed,
any help would have
come and gone.

I thank all beings
for being instrumental
in change, visible and not.

So many thoughts.
Too many to pass up.

I tell the body to stop
and here I am yet again,
being directed by the mind.

When I follow mind,
which I’m prone to do,
when it’s easier than not,

reel after reel of gore
pain death and suffering
spew, until I take the reins

and choose another path
of service to an other
where any pain
may be joy


make it up
any way we choose
to play agreed upon roles.

Stopped at the tree
engraved with 1967
enclosed by a heart
with an arrow thru it.

In 1967, someone loved
while I was in Vietnam
fighting someone’s
undeclared war.

Don’t remember being
with loving hearts
in that theatre

but I am certain
there is love in each
and every breath I take.