Day 13 in the Woods

At the trail head I look back
to see if she is still
looking at me.

I turned and was told
‘It’s not all about
you Fred’.

That reminds me.
Looking back or forward
is the on going human illusion.

Don’t ask me about that.
You have the answers.
That’s what I’m told.

Let the walk proceed,
or the next subject
will touch on ‘I’.

13 is significant!
We lived 13 floors up
in a NYC housing project.

There are buildings these days
that erase a 13th floor from record.
So it’s gone, invisible, missing or dead.

That was me for a while. Dead.
Let me add, a very long while.
Not totally dead, living dead.

I is the beginning and end,
and all in between
the beginning
and end.


I is a stick in the mud,
an anal plug, make it up
how ever you want says I.

A man passing with his son.
The boy yammers, the man says,
“Now you know how to handle cougars”.

On passing I gleam
the pearly whites
and say ‘smile’.

The boy yammers
The man smiles
I breathe

2 women passing on the trail
‘Hello ladies’ “Hi” “Hello”
Don’t give me shit

on my use of lady.
You don’t like it?
Fuck you!

finger symbols

I step aside for folks with a dog.
How would they receive a visible V ?
Then picture the middle finger waving.

Mind is a power house.
It can thunder out loud,
or be quiet as a mouse.

With us humans,
be-ing is not enough.
We have to be some body.

When you see an *,
I stopped to thumb tap
more words on the phone.

today I noticed
my vocabulary
has increased.