Day 14 in the Woods

Angels share presents
that may open our hearts
and bring us peace of mind
and make us swoon joy fully.

I know first hand.
An angel joined me
at my dining room table,
offering presence presents.
Thank You Angel,

I just witnessed two big shares
with body AND mind,
one of which I know.

My mind is a prism
and a prison also.

A prism of delight
in a prisoner body.

If you want good times
have them.

If you want any thing
procure it.

When i want no thing,
I disappears

Each (*} asterisk is
another stop

this mind thrives
as this body dives
not dies, for right now.

Being balance,
not finding it
is truth.

Existing in the 3-D
-Mind configuration
primarily perpetrates
what appears as life
on this planet earth.


OK Fred

in the woods
i feel beauty
i see beauty

Is feeling
and seeing
same is being?
i leave that to you.

On Keto I eat
bacon & eggs
& a bit of spinach
soaked for an hour
in cooled coconut oil.

That is for breakfast only.

You want to break
the silence? Let
each breath
be love

I was holier than THOU
and a just little high
on a word story
when i msg’d
you a day

I offer a bent
knee apology
for unfeeling
your gifting,

but instead
diving into
the story
and role

wanting to
needing to

3 females coming
down the trail.

I step aside.
Hello ladies!

“How are you”

Pointing to the
tiny pooch
in front

I say
That one a lady too?

They all laugh
trailing a yes
fading with
bright joy.

No one is re-membered
after being dismembered
(the right hand only please)
when feast day comes around.

Living in a long term
facility brings up
old people.

A question!

Is mind a living in us
or we living in mind?

We are talking about
long-term facilities.

At times I feel guilty
about this Keto diet.

I think Jesus will approve
but not Mahatma Gandhi.
What is a thinker to do?

Right/Write now walk
walk walk and walk.
OK, time to walk.

There’s time to walk
and then time to talk
but no time to balk
is what I just heard.

I can never
place my foot

in the same
spot again.

Why not?

Change is the
only constant.

The spot shoe foot
is constant change.

A moment to the next
is never the same.

My friend’s comfort
is in the forest.

My feeling comfort
is in this mind.

There has to be balance
between here and there.

I am talking about
full time balance