Day 14 in the Woods

Angels share presents
that may open our hearts
and bring us peace of mind
and make us swoon joy fully.

I know first hand.
An angel joined me
at my dining room table,
offering presence presents.

I thank You Angel.


I just witnessed two big shares
with body AND mind,
one of which I know.

My mind is a prism
and a prison also.

A prism of delight
in a prisoner body.

If you want good times
have them.

If you want any thing
procure it.

If you want no thing,
I disappears.

Each (*} asterisk is
another stop,

this mind thrives
as this body dives
not dies, for right now.

Being balance,
not finding it
is truth.

Existing in the 3-D
-Mind configuration
primarily perpetrates
what appears as living
on a plane named earth.


OK Fred

in the woods
i feel beauty
i see beauty

Is feeling and seeing
the same is being?
i leave that to you.

On Keto I eat
bacon & eggs
& a bit of spinach
soaked for an hour
in cooled coconut oil.

That is for breakfast only.

You want to break
the silence? Let
each breath
be love

I was holier than THOU
and just a little high
on a word story
when i msg’d
you a day

I offer a bent knee apology
for unfeeling your gifting,
but instead diving into
the story and role
of broadcaster

3 females coming down the trail.
I step aside. ‘Hello ladies!’

“Hi” “Hello” “How are you”

Pointing to the tiny pooch
leading the way, I say,
‘That one a lady too’?

They all laugh trailing a “yes”
fading with bright laughter.

No one is re-membered
after being dismembered
(the right hand only please)
when feast day comes around.

Living in a long term facility
brings up old people.
A question!

Is the mind living inside us
or are we living in mind?

We are talking about
long-term facilities.

At times I feel guilty
about this Keto diet.

I think Jesus will approve
but not Mahatma Gandhi,
with all the flesh I devour.

What is a thinker to do?

There’s time to walk
and the time to talk,

but no time to balk
is what I just heard.

I can never place my foot
in the same spot again.
Why not?

Change is the only constant.
The earth shoe sock foot
is constantly changing.

A moment to the next
is never the same.


My friend’s comfort is in the forest.
My feeling comfort is in this mind.

There has to be a balance
between here and there.
I am talking about
spirit balance.