Day 6 in the Woods

talk about rape,
easy to think
not to feel.

I saw her up the trail with her belly
nesting new life uncovered,
a sun brightened orb.

She saw me,
quickly pulled the shirt down
to cover her connection
to life older than

We passed
with niceties.

I was sad our connection
stopped their connection.

On a quiet stretch of trai
I kept looking back,
feeling danger
was near.

After awhile
I relaxed, realizing
mind was hard at work
protecting me from threats
I had experienced a while ago.

I stopped to see the many flowers
side by side, different sizes, shapes,
colors nourished by the same sun moon
rainy nights and snowy days, coming
and going and living life as life
with no judgment or judge.

Let go the beast of yesterday.
When the beast shows up,
be ready at that time,
but not before.

I wondered how many flowers
were passed while looking back.

Know what I mean?