Day 8 in the Woods

a theme I refer to
a lot envelops
life & death.

Stopping in the woods,
seeing ferns growing
from rotted stumps

bones enhancing
the forest floor,

standing on dissolving bark,
the changing trail.

There is only separation
when it comes to us humans.

bees do their thing
birds do their thing
trees do their thing

When did our thing become
charge what the market will bear
for a gilded box separating us
from the natural process
of living love?

the Evolution of ‘Breathe Love’.

I won’t go into years,
because I lose track of them.

Nor will I go into explicit detail,
because my memory is a cocktail
of made-up stories, changed
upon each and every visit,
for we all know change
is the only constant.

So, Breathe Love!

First, I started thinking,
seeing and being love,

then saying it at Boxlight,
the innovative company
in Poulsbo, Washington.

In the mornings
an associate would ask,
“What’s the words for today?”

I’d say
‘breathe love’ so often,
it became my farewell
in place of salutations.

a while later
(Notice, no years?)
a friend calls and says
“Breathe Love is available”,
Now, is ours.

Why ours?

My idea was to develop a site
brimming with love, so every
finger that clicks it open
will then be attached
to a feeling body
in living, loving

Our love!

I look around and see discord
at the helm, and love of me
and mine have limited
prospects of

so there we are
with the short version
of the birth of