Day 9 in the Woods

I’m not gonna lie, you hear?
I’m sittin’ outside shading
under the umbrella,
in the garden.

At this time
I reflect on the woods,
without setting a foot in them.

An excuse is speaking up.

“There were other things
needing to be acted upon,
before any trail walking time.”

Thank you excuse.
You may be seated.

I am slumped in the garden chair
boot heels nested in the gravel
a 3 o’clock sun falls warmly
on bright green blades
and leaves around
the garden.

There are full quart bags,
blueberries off the 4 plants,
first flash frozen, then bagged.

The cukes have flowered,
some tomatoes, the cherries,
are just about sun burst perfect.

The vining beans are greening
and snapping off the vine,
right into my mouth.

The basil has gone to seed.
I rub a leaf between two fingers
and bring the aroma up to my nose.

The Akebia vines have winged
the house, trellised 10′ high
and 25′ long like wings.

Last summer one vine bore a fruit,
lime green, shaped like a bean,
lima, but 6″ in length.

This summer there is Akebia fruit
galore, maybe 2 dozen hidden
in the full jungle of leaves.

Will have to do some research
on how to live with the fruit
growing on the wings.

So there we have it,
not in the woods
on this day 9.